Monday, July 9, 2012

To My Crafty Chic Followers . . .

     It really has been way. too. long since I’ve sat down to do something on my blog. I feel like I give you excuse, after excuse, after excuse as to why I go M.I.A for so long. I tend to have SO much fun creating things and sharing what I’ve designed or copied from someone else, and then I let life take over. It was a really good hobby for me to stay sane, and blogging motivated me to actually spend time doing what I love. Creating!
     So, the reason for the blog change: I felt the need for a change. Plain and simple. I have had an absurdly awful six months. I feel like one negative thing after another has been happening non-stop . . . the most recent (if you don’t count my daughters broken arm) was the sudden death of my mom on February 28. Total. shocker. I have been sitting here thinking about all of the things she kept telling me; “You have GOT to get back on that cute blog of yours!” and “You really should open an Etsy shop.” While I don’t feel like I have the umph to open and maintain an Etsy shop, I do think I can handle getting back on my blog. I have spend hours and hours thinking about all of the things that need change in my life. I am in the “change” zone which is why I’m starting fresh with a new blog. Although not totally fresh since I’m going to transfer my Crafty Chic posts onto this one.
     The reason for the name change: I have recently decided to start homeschooling my two oldest kids (my two youngest aren’t school aged yet). The reason for homeschooling I’ve explained in the "Why I Homeschool" tab up top, as I felt like that deserved a really good explanation (if you know me you’ll know that this doesn’t really fit my “I LOVE the break that sending my kids to school gives me” personality). I have been searching the internet and finding great ideas, so I wanted to do my little part and also blog about the journey that we’ll be taking starting in the fall. I’ve had a hard time finding a lot about curriculum choices people have made, not saying I haven’t found anything, but it hasn’t been easy for me (I’m basically clueless when it comes to homeschooling!) so I will do my best to fully explain my likes and dislikes (if there are any) with the curriculums I have chosen. So the name, Crafty Chic, doesn’t feel right anymore. Not to mention everyone always says “Crafty Chick” instead of [sh-eek] haha. Nurturing Wildflowers makes more sense for my new venture. Nurturing is obvious, and Wildflowers . . . I like to call my kids Wildflowers; not because I think they're wild but because, first, I LOVE wildflowers, and second, because wildflowers can be clustered together and be totally different and beautiful in their own special ways. They’re also found all over the place. They have no boundaries . . . I plan on exploring and taking these unique beauties of mine outside of the house as often as possible! I will NOT bore these kids silly. Bored kids = crazy kids. Crazy kids = impatient, not so nice mom.
    So thank you for following me over and joining me on this new journey of mine. So much about “me” feels different after losing my mom, but instead of whining about it, I think I’ll better myself from the many lessons she has taught me about mothering, and sewing/quilting and in the process sharing what I do with anyone who will listen.


  1. I'm excited to follow you on this journey!! (and to learn at your feet)...

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments on the Latter-day Homeschooling blog. I was the kind of Mom who was counting down the days until my oldest would go to school and I could get back to being "me". Eventually my heart was softened and now I have 2 adorable kids (who drive me crazy at times) but homeschooling has been the best and I love it! :) Of course, I still have my moments where I envy the Mom who just put her kids on the big yellow bus but it gets easier with every passing week. When Kayley learned to read - I just sat back in triumph and thought "wow! we did that together!" So fun! Congrats on your new adventure!